Magnetic Sensor Light

This intelligent motion sensor light can be attached to any magnetic surface, which makes it a perfect match for the Acacia M.I.N.T Block! Simply place it on the magnetic sides of the Acacia Block to function as a convenient night light or reading light. 

The light is also accompanied with an adhesive tape so you can stick it anywhere you prefer - bedside, wardrobe, hallway, staircase etc. 

Product Information: 

  1. The product does not need to be wired and it is easy to install.
  2. Turn the switch to the ON mode for continuous lighting.
  3. Turn the switch to the AUTO mode for motion sensor light. If the environment is bright, the motion sensor light will automatically enter into sleep mode. When someone enters the scanning area of 3 to 5 metres, the light will automatically turn on and it will automatically turn off when no human activity is detected after 25 seconds.
  4. The product can be charged with the USB cable provided. The red light will turn on when charging and it will turn off when fully charged.
  5. The base of the product has a magnetic piece which can be directly attached to a separate magnetic plate. It can also be attached to any surface by using the adhesive tape provided.

Dimensions: 8.5cm(DIA) x 2cm(H)

Weight: 0.1kg/unit

Colour: Warm light

Power Input: Charge with USB cable (included)

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SGD 18