*NOTE: This is a pre-order, please contact us for advice on delivery lead time.

Min+Modules is a series of modular furniture exclusively designed in-house by M.INT. Each module is connected by magnetic connectors which allows flexible arrangements to suit your needs or spaces. The modules can be easily re-arranged to form side tables, TV consoles, bookshelves, bedroom chests etc.

Designed with high quality and durable material, the Min+Modules will add a modern touch to your interior with functional features such as drawers, doors and even space dividers.

Set-up includes:

  • 4 x Min+Modules (40x40cm)
  • 6 x Min+Modules (80x40cm)
  • 1 x Full drawer (80x40cm)
  • 2 x Half drawers (80x20cm)
  • 2 x Full dividers
  • 4 x Half dividers
  • Magnetic connectors and base support

Dimensions: 163cm(W) x 170cm(H) x 40cm(D)

Colour for internal modules: Dark walnut

Colour for external panels: Wood

Colour for doors/drawers: White

Colours for dividers: White, Grey

*Colour and quantity selection available once item is added to cart

SGD 1,880

*NOTE: Price is inclusive of installation service. If you would like to customise the configuration/size, please chat with us to arrange accordingly.

For set-ups that are taller than 1.2m, our installation team will have to secure and affix the set-up to a wall to ensure stability.

This is a pre-order, please contact us for advice on delivery lead time.



Connect and stack multiple Min+Modules using the magnetic connectors. Create your spaces how ever you like it!


Each Min+Modules set comes with substantial base support to ensure stability and for easy cleaning under the furniture.


These functional dividers can be slipped perfectly into the Min+Modules, creating more spaces for your storage display.